Residential Debt Recovery

Residential debt recovery

Select a service.

We will give you an honest view on the chances of recovery. Whatever the size of the debt, our fees are fixed.

We will advise which action to take, depending on the case. To work out which process is best for you, call and discuss your case:

0333 321 9415


If you don’t have a Money Order, a pre-action letter must go to the ex-tenant before we can issue a Money Claim. If the ex-tenant’s address isn’t known is, we’ll need a trace. We can also investigate what employment income the ex-tenant has.

  • Ex-Tenant Tracing £132
  • Employment Report £120
  • Basic Letter Before Action £240

Money claim online.

If you don’t have a Money Order, to be able to use one of the enforcement processes against your ex-tenant, we must first get an order from the court.

If you have a Money Order we won’t need a pre-action letter or a Money Claim. We can go straight to Enforcement. Fixed-fees include court-fees and VAT. These are all for undefended actions.

If an action becomes defended the solicitor will discuss options and costs.

  • Moneyclaim On-line £360 + Court Fee Depends on claim size


After a Money Order has been granted, depending on the case, we’ll advise which action to take. The possibilities are listed here to give you a guide of what to expect.

  • Attachment of Earnings £340
  • Information Hearing £600 + Court Fee
  • Warrant of Control £120 + Court Fee
  • Application to transfer from County Court to High Court £300
  • Enforcement by High Court Sheriff £360
  • Third Party Debt Order £480 + Court Fee
  • Charging Order £900 + Court Fee and Land Registry Fees
  • Statutory Demand against individual including service by process server  £450
  • Statutory Demand against Company including service by process server  £450
  • Bankruptcy Individual (Petition undefended) £Case by case
  • Company Winding Up (Petition undefended) £Case by case

We can help recover debt even when the tenant has disappeared.

The actions on this page are usually used when the tenant has left. But not always. We can help you think about the best strategy for dealing with arrears.

Do you want the hassle?

Chasing courts for dates, arranging advocates and preparing court papers isn’t difficult. But it’s time consuming.

Landlords and agents usually have more productive things to do with their time.

Some landlord and agents have served notices themselves. They believe they are saving a few pounds but it often ends up costing them more.

If you lose a claim, the court will usually order you to pay the tenant’s defence cost, which can run to hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Our in-house Solicitors are there to get your property back fast. So we’re quick. We process cases quickly.

We can do this because we’re experts. We know that in the rush to get things done, errors can happen. And those errors can can come back later to mess up your case – and the whole process has to start again!

We protect landlords and agents from themselves. Yes you can speed things up – give us accurate information quickly. Help us to help you.

There are services on the web who will prepare papers BUT they get you to pay the court-fee separately and get you to sign the court papers – so in fact they don’t represent you!

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