Tenant reference letter


Referencing is important. That’s true for you and for other landlords. So if your tenant has been decent, then do the decent thing and give them a reference. You’re helping them and you’re helping landlords. Here’s a reference letter template for you to copy and paste. Copyright belongs to Landlord Action, so please don’t paste this on any web page.

Landlord’s name

Landlord’s address

To whom it may concern,

Re: [tenant names and address of rental property]

This reference letter is to confirm that [tenant names and their children if relevant] have been tenants in the above property since [date of tenancy]. The rental property is a [2-bedroom apartment].

Their last rent payment was £[rental amount], which was paid on time on [date of payment]. During the tenancy, they have been responsible and timely in their rent payments, which were due [monthly/fortnightly/weekly].

There have been no complaints from neighbours, and the tenants have kept the property and its surrounding area clean and tidy.

I can confirm that the tenants were respectful, friendly and helpful. They made no unreasonable demands or complaints during their tenancy.

[Their pet dog has also been quiet and well behaved with no complaints from neighbours.]

They informed me in advance of the reason for their move but should their requirements or circumstances change in the future I would gladly rent out my property to them again.