Commercial eviction

Take precise action today.

With a commercial lease, landlords can take one of two actions. Both must be conducted in a manner outlined by the law.

Leave the tenant in place and seize goods

Before a bailiff visits a property, a letter of notice is served so the tenant is aware of the planned visit, allowing them to get their finances in order.

A Certified bailiff is instructed to get the rent or seize goods to cover the value of the debt. Any further bailiffs costs are charged to the tenant, except in exceptional circumstances, where the auction of the seized goods does not cover the transportation, storage of the goods and the bailiffs fees. Under those circumstances, the landlord pays the difference

Terminate the lease and regain the property

If a tenant has broken clause, the lease can be forfeited at any time. A Certified bailiff can be instructed to go to the property with your locksmith and seize control of the property for the landlord. The tenant will have no further right to enter the property.