You should only use this action if a notice has already been served, NOT by Landlord Action. We separate Step 2 into two parts. The first part is for checking. This is because Courts throw out cases for even the smallest errors. You want to avoid wasting time and money at court.

A note about fixed fees.

Most cases are standard. That’s why fixed fees work well. However we do see notices drafted by landlords themselves that seriously risk wasting their court fees and losing a whole lot of time.

If there is a problem with the notice or paperwork, we advise on what to do, or we’ll offer to fix the issue for a fee. We won’t let a landlord waste money and a whole lot of time, going to court.

In the Section-8 process where there is no defence or adjournment, the Landlord Action Standard Fixed Fee works well. Many tenants do not even attend the hearing, but it is impossible to predict what the tenant will do and say. We prepare well by asking the landlord for many details and we prepare to win. If a case goes beyond one hearing it falls outside our Standard Fixed Fees.

In the Section-21 process, where there’s been a change of landlord, an oral tenancy or a lost tenancy agreement, then there will be a hearing. If the tenant files a defence, or the Judge is unsure on any part of the claim, documents, or has questions then the Judge will most likely set down a hearing for parties to attend and give evidence. We prepare well to avoid these hearings and most cases are standard, but when there is a Section-21 hearing, the court fees and legal fees fall outside our Standard Fixed Fees.

Landlord Action, founded by landlords, was the first fixed-fee eviction service in the UK. All our lawyers are in-house. This keeps fees as low while we benefit from the dedicated attention of housing law specialists.

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