Many of the notices served by landlords are actually invalid. But nobody knows – because the tenants leave. However when the tenant doesn't leave an invalid notice can cost the landlord time and money. Getting the notice right is the most important thing you can do.

A note about fixed fees.

Most cases are standard. That’s why fixed fees work well. However there are some times when something the landlord has done (or not done) would make a notice invalid. So we advise the landlord to fix something themselves and/or we offer fees to fix it for them.

Whatever you think you might have done wrong, don’t worry. The Standard Fixed Fee gets the papers reviewed by one of our housing law experts and the notice served. If there are any extra fees, you can decide on the risk. At least you know you won’t be serving a notice that will waste you time and money later.

Landlord Action, founded by landlords, was the first fixed-fee eviction service in the UK. All our lawyers are in-house. This keeps fees as low we can while still benefitting from the dedicated attention of housing law specialists.

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