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‘Worlds Worse Tenants’, Did you see it?

From our blog

Last Thursday night I was flicking through my sky control, when I came across an American programme called ‘ Worlds Worse Tenants’, which had 3 characters from an eviction specialist company, based in California.  They visited bad tenants at properties on behalf of their landlord clients, serving notices, dealing with evictions. It’s a lot more confrontational then what we do, but US Laws allow them to do this and to evict tenants a lot quicker than the UK.
On this programme it featured a story of the characters going to a house to investigate ‘access amount of electricity ‘coming out of an apartment building.  They were walking around with a machine detecting electrify and came across a flat, where the tenant was giving Yoga lessons to very large people with numerous heaters switched on to the max!
On another story they went to a property to investigate why a woman tenant in a shared house was being charged $800 more than the other male tenants. It became apparent that the male property manager, living on site and looking after the property, was victimising her and of course it was all very confrontational, with a fight breaking out , TV gold!
I’ve been involved with lots of filming over the years, generally door stopping, serving notices and turning up at evictions.  I wouldn’t be able to do half the things our American counterparts do, as I would be arrested for harassment/ unlawful eviction.
This programme clearly outlines how US laws favour the landlord during the eviction process; there is also significantly less bureaucracy and delays during the legal process.
It’s a good watch, even though it’s obviously played up for the cameras.
Thursday nights 8-9pm, on Channel 5 star on Sky and  also available on catch -up.

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